Types of Graphic Design You Need To Know

Types of graphic designer

Graphic design is a diverse field that encompasses a variety of specializations, each focusing on different aspects of visual communication. Whether you are a budding designer or looking to hire a graphic design professional, understanding the various types of graphic design can help you make informed decisions. Here are the main types of graphic design you need to know.

Visual Identity Graphic Design

Types of graphic designer

Focus: Brand identity and visual communication.

Visual identity graphic design involves creating the visual elements that represent a brand, including logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery. Designers in this field develop visual assets that communicate a brand’s values, personality, and message to its audience.

Key Elements:

• Logos
• Brand style guides
• Business cards
• Letterheads

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

Focus: Promoting products or services.

Marketing and advertising graphic design focuses on creating visual content for marketing campaigns. These designers work with company stakeholders to produce materials that capture attention and motivate people to take action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a service.

Key Elements:

• Brochures and flyers
• Social media graphics
• Email marketing templates
• Banner ads

Designing for Social Media

One of the most popular tools for creating visually appealing and effective designs is Canva. Canva provides an extensive library of templates that cater to various design needs, including those specifically for Pinterest.

By utilizing Canva, you can design Pinterest templates that are not only eye-catching but also optimized for engagement. These templates can include elements like pin-worthy images, appealing fonts, and compelling text.

Once your design is ready, leveraging the Pinterest Hashtag Generator can enhance your pins’ visibility and reach. This tool helps identify trending and relevant hashtags, ensuring that your content is discoverable by a wider audience on Pinterest.

Integrating Canva’s design capabilities with the strategic use of the Pinterest Hashtag Generator can significantly boost your social media marketing efforts.

User Interface (UI) Graphic Design

Types of graphic designer

Focus: Digital interfaces and user experience.

UI graphic design involves designing the visual elements of user interfaces, such as websites, apps, and software. The goal is to make the interface visually appealing and easy to navigate, enhancing the overall user experience.

Key Elements:

• Website layouts
• App design
• Interactive elements
• Navigation menus

Publication Graphic Design

Focus: Printed and digital publications.

Publication graphic design centers around creating layouts and visual content for printed and digital media, including books, magazines, newspapers, and online publications. Designers in this field must balance text, images, and other visual elements to create engaging and readable layouts.

Key Elements:

• Book covers and layouts
• Magazine spreads
• Newspapers
• Newsletters

Packaging Graphic Design

Types of graphic designer

Focus: Product packaging.

Packaging graphic design involves creating the exterior of a product. This can include designing boxes, bottles, bags, and any other type of packaging. Designers must consider both the visual appeal and functionality of the packaging, ensuring it protects the product and attracts customers.

Key Elements:

• Product labels
• Packaging mockups
• Point-of-sale displays
• Unboxing experience design

Motion Graphic Design

Focus: Animation and video content.

Motion graphic design brings static designs to life through animation, video, and other motion graphics. This type of design is used in various media, including television, film, online videos, and social media.

Key Elements:

• Animated logos
• Title sequences4Explainer videos
• GIFs and social media animations

Environmental Graphic Design

Focus: Physical spaces and environments.

Environmental graphic design involves designing visual elements for physical spaces. This includes signage, murals, exhibition designs, and public installations. The goal is to create environments that are informative, engaging, and visually appealing.

Key Elements:

• Signage and wayfinding systems
• Exhibition displays
• Retail store interiors
• Event spaces

Illustration for Graphic Design

Types of graphic designer

Focus: Custom artwork and illustrations.
Illustration for graphic design involves creating custom illustrations that are integrated into various design projects. Illustrators may work on book covers, posters, websites, or packaging, adding a unique and artistic touch to the design.

Key Elements:

• Editorial illustrations
• Product illustrations
• Infographics
Concept art

Corporate Graphic Design

Focus: Internal and external corporate communications.

Corporate graphic design includes creating materials used by businesses for internal and external communication. This can range from annual reports and employee newsletters to presentations and corporate websites.

Key Elements:

• Annual reports
• Corporate presentations
• Internal communications
• Corporate websites

Types of Graphic Design You Need To Know

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