What are the different types of websites that Graham Designs can provide for me?


Great question! Let us break it all down simply for you.

Fixed websites have a set width, and resizing the browser or viewing it on different devices won't affect on the way the website looks. This can require horizontal scrolling and a site that doesn't look great on tablets or smartphones. If you have a small budget or if most of your clients will be mainly accessing your site from a desktop computer, then a static website might still work for you.

Fluid websites are built using percentages for widths. These require a bit more work. As a result, columns are relative to each other along with the browser, allowing the site to scale up and down fluidly.

Adaptive websites introduce media queries to target specific device sizes, like smaller monitors, tablets, as well as mobile devices. These sites require even more work than the norm, and budgets should be negotiable in order to acheive these customized needs.

Responsive websites are built on a fluid grid and use media queries to control the design and its content as it scales down or up with the browser or device. They require the most work and will look great on any device. The downside here is that responsive design uses media queries and therefore requires CSS3, however some devices are further behind and still rely on CSS2, which do not have the full support of media queries. This means that on those devices, your site will still be served back to the user as a 'normal' desktop website.

With all that being said, the team at Graham Designs can provide any type of site you that need depending on the amount of work that will be required and the budget that you have to work with.


What is the typical turn around for the design process?


It's a safe estimate at least a couple of weeks for each project. Turn around could be quicker or slower, depending on client input and feedback. If content is provided sooner rather than later, turn around time can also be significantly decreased.

What benefits do I get with Graham Designs that I can't find with other companies?


We are a one-stop shop doing all aspects of graphic design, web design, photography, and custom artwork. When a client gets a product from Graham Designs they get added to our network of affiliates where they receive special discount pricing from these companies due to their client relationship with Graham Designs. We recommend our clients because we only work with the best, so you will always receive the best products, service, and pricing from our affiliates. We also offer adspace to promote your company directly on our website. For a small yearly fee, we will add your logo to our adspace page and link it to your website so our customers can learn about your company while browsing through our website. Our clients also get special deals and pricing on repeat business and referrals. Call us today!

Do you guys do maintenance on any type of website?


Our web team works primarily in the Content Management System called WordPress, so our web maintenance packages only apply to WordPress sites.

Is there a requirement on how long I have to sign up for a plan?


We require a minimum investment of 3 months at your initial sign up, but we have a good feeling you’ll want to stay with us longer. Our team is just that good.

Can you register/renew my domain for me?


We don’t include this in web maintenance plans. However, it is included as part of the package for our custom responsive websites.

I’m having issues with my hosting. Are you able to take care of these issues as part of the plan?


Any hosting issues or maintenance are not included in the current maintenance plans. This type of work would be addressed in the additional paid hourly edits that are included in each plan.

I don’t want to sign up for a plan. How much do you charge hourly without one?


If you opt not to sign up for a plan, the rate is $125/hour for any website edits, hosting issues, etc. This is one reason we strongly suggest signing up for one of our plans.

What does it cost to hire you?


I have no set price list, but rather I listen carefully to what potential clients require and put together a unique proposal based on their needs. The best way to get a quote or more information is to send me an email outlining your requirements. We can then line up a time to talk in more detail.

What Exactly Will I Receive?


This depends on your needs, however, in terms of deliverables this could include logo files, stationery, styleguides, website files, social media avatars and so on. You will also receive consultation, support & research on my behalf all throughout the project, and after too.

How long will the project take?


This depends on the exact needs of the project. A brand identity project generally takes about 1-3 weeks. A website project 3-5 weeks. This can be done quicker if necessary, but I generally recommend at least two weeks for most projects, to ensure that the research and creative output is the best it can be.

What Does the Process look like?


- Meet with Client - Gather Needs - Draft Proposal - Get 50% deposit - Do Research - Conceptualize - Develop & Code - Review with Client - Revise & Edit - Present to Client - Receive Final 50% - Launch Project - Provide Ongoing Support.

Can We work together if we are in different countries?


Yes, business can be simply conducted via email, phone and video chat as needed. If you are in the area, or if I am in yours, then it would be great to meet.

Do you do all of the work yourselves?


Yes, we do all of the work ourselves which means when you hire us, you will work directly with us.

Have you done any work in our industry?


More than likely we have worked in your industry in one capacity or another; however the specific industry does not matter as our skills are adapted from project to project, We can tailor our research specific to your industry, and our process revolves around the client’s brand initiatives until those needs and any specific user needs are met.

How do you accept payments?


For most projects, we accept a 50% down payment to schedule any work. I accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal. The exact details and terms will be provided in my proposal. The final 50% will be paid on completion of the project, prior to releasing the final project.

When can we get started?


We only take on a few projects at a time to ensure that each client gets their deserved attention. Please send me an email to check my availability, as this changes all the time.